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For a full list of projects KP Global has completed, please contact us. 
Timor Leste Political Party Program Evaluation

In 2014, KP Global's Kourtney Pompi served as the external evaluator for the International Republican Institute's evaluation of their multi-year political party program in Timor Leste. 

Egyptian Constitutional Referendum, Presidential and Parliamentary Elections 

KP Global's Kourtney Pompi was the Civil Society Engagement Expert for Democracy International's Election Observation Mission. (EOM),  The EOM covered the 2014 constitutional referendum, 2014 presidential election and 2015 parliamentary election. DI's Egypt EOM reports can be found here

Advocacy and Consensus Building in Libya

In 2014, KP Global's Kourtney Pompi provided training to Libyan youth activists on advocacy and consensus building to support their efforts towards constitutional reform.  Further details can be found here. 

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